The 2021 edition of SCS, the magazine of St. Columba School is now available on Issuu at this address:

Our magazine is the product of interviews and writing of our fifth, sixth, and seventh-grade students with eighth-graders serving as publication editors who also either selected or designed each page layout. Interviews were assisted by parents, and photos were either taken by our students or provided to them. 

And as our Editor-in-Chief, Emily Shapeero wrote in her column, “The editors and the writers have worked extremely hard to bring together this compilation of stories for you. In this edition, there are diverse stories including interviews of St. Columba alumni Sophia Guerriero and one of our favorite scientists Dr. Jeff. We also have stories about Olympian and Bewick resident Jason Terdiman, the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, and profiles of St. Columba students and what they do when they are not in school.”

We hope you enjoy our efforts.