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St. Columba School welcomes every child of any faith background to its morally and spiritually rich environment which features exemplary academics, solid faith formation, leadership privileges, and community outreach opportunities. We have earned a fine reputation for inspiring our students to reach their potential and achieve personal success.

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Please understand St. Columba School takes the safety and wellness of each student and staff seriously and as a result, our school has been disinfected and sanitized. If you have additional concerns please contact the school office. {CLICK HERE} for more information.

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Mission Statement

To serve as beacons of Christ’s light while nurturing individual gifts in a                faith-infused, academically challenging, safe and secure environment.

SCS Happenings
Confirmation for Our 8th Grade
On Saturday, May 8 St. Columba School 8th grade students received the sacrament of Confirmation. After much preparation for this sacrament the students were ready and anxious to receive this next step in their Cathoic Faith. A special treat for the students was that Monsignor Lawrence administered this sacrament. Monsignor, unfortunately, will be retiring from St. Columba and this class will be the last to receive this sacrament from him. Pictured here from left to right are Maria Robinson, Calyssa Shannon, Monsignor Lawrence, Leyna Beishline, Erika Traupman,...

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Promise Made - Promise Kept
Mr. Morisco made a promise to the student body of Saint Columba School. The promise; if the students reached the school goal for the Race for Education funds he would allow the 8th grade to paint his beloved hair. Well, our students came through and raised enough money to paint the principal's hair. So what color will his hair be painted? There was a poll put out to the students and the winning hair color was "Rainbow". So, Mr. Morisco covered his face and clothes and let his hair meet spray cans of multi-colored fun. 

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SCS Grads Get Their Start Here
St. Columba School proves again that this is the place to get your start. Two grads of  St. Columba School are now 2020 graduates of Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University.  There were 11,536  applicants for this prestigious medical school with only room for 212 students. And with that type of competition, our grads earned their way in. Here from left to right are Ryan Erwin, MD, and Dan McGraw, MD. Congratulations, you both make SCS proud! 

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Prayer of St. Columba

Be a bright flame before me, Oh God, a guiding star above me. Be a smooth path below me, a kindly shepherd behind me today, tonight and for ever. Alone with none but you, my God I journey on my way; what need I fear when you are near, O Lord of night and day? More secure am I within your hand than if a multitude did round me stand.