Welcome to St. Columba Catholic School

St. Columba School welcomes every child of any faith background to its morally and spiritually rich environment which features exemplary academics, solid faith formation, leadership development, and community outreach opportunities. We have earned a fine reputation for inspiring our students to reach their potential and achieve personal success

Mission Statement

To serve as beacons of Christ’s light while nurturing individual gifts in a faith-infused, academically challenging, safe and secure environment.

SCS Happenings
SCS Students Win Big in Lyme Disease Poster Contest
Pennsylvania's Department of Health held a Lyme disease poster contest. The posters were to raise awareness of Lyme disease and how to prevent it. Students discussed Lyme disease and how ticks transmit it. After that, Mrs. Millard, our art teacher, had students create their own pieces of original art focused on Lyme disease prevention. The entire state competed from grades 1 through 6 and two of our 1st graders were chosen to be the best in their group. Brennen Bentz and Scarlette Boyle are pictured here holding their artwork with thei...

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Preschool Finds Fun at Knoebels
Our preschool had a big week. They celebrated Beach Week with all types of learning opportunities about the beach and our oceans. But the best part of the week was their trip to Knoebels. The preschoolers enjoyed their day riding all the great rides and eating too much food. What a great way to end a terrific week!

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Preschool Friends Visit Fourth Grade Readers
Our preschool friends came over to our school library for a special reading day. Our 4th grade joined the preschoolers in the library for a special reading partner s day. The preschoolers picked out their favorite book and their 4th grade buddy read it to them. What a wonderful day it was. 

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Prayer of St. Columba

Be a bright flame before me, Oh God, a guiding star above me. Be a smooth path below me, a kindly shepherd behind me today, tonight and for ever. Alone with none but you, my God I journey on my way; what need I fear when you are near, O Lord of night and day? More secure am I within your hand than if a multitude did round me stand.