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St. Columba School welcomes every child of any faith background to its morally and spiritually rich environment which features exemplary academics, solid faith formation, leadership privileges, and community outreach opportunities. We have earned a fine reputation for inspiring our students to reach their potential and achieve personal success.

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Come visit our school family. Contact the school office at (570) 784-5932


Please understand St. Columba School takes the safety and wellness of each student and staff seriously and as a result, our school has been disinfected and sanitized. If you have additional concerns please contact the school office. {CLICK HERE} for more information.

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Mission Statement

To serve as beacons of Christ’s light while nurturing individual gifts in a                faith-infused, academically challenging, safe and secure environment.

SCS Happenings
Presenting Our Class of 2021
St. Columba School's Class of 2021 has officially graduated. Many of these students have been attending this school since their preschool days. They were nostalgic about leaving but excited to move onto the next step in their lives with some going onto Bloomsburg High School while others will be attending Central Columbia. From left to right starting at the back row: Maria Robinson, Mrs. Strohecker ( their Algebra & 8th-grade homeroom teacher), Calyssa Shannon, next row left to right: Alexandria Helbing, Leyna Beishline, Erika Traupman, in front: Emily Sha...

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Fun Times at Field Day
St. Columba School's principal Mr. Morisco has brought back from our past the school's Field Day. There were many games, track and field events, and activities to fill the students' day. Students participated in a kickball tournament, dodge ball competition, discus, and javelin throwing events, as well as corn hole, ring toss, and other games. Here 5th grader Myles DiPippa passes the baton off to his classmate Mya Reese. It didn't matter who won, it just mattered that there was fun to be had by all. 

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St. Columba's School Picnic
St Columba School has begun a new tradition. It is our annual school picnic This picnic gave the students, their families, faculty, and staff the opportunity to have a good time with fun, food, and games in the town park. Here our school principal Mr. Morisco races kindergarten student Evan Skrypski. In an includible feat of skill and endurance, Evan won! 

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Prayer of St. Columba

Be a bright flame before me, Oh God, a guiding star above me. Be a smooth path below me, a kindly shepherd behind me today, tonight and for ever. Alone with none but you, my God I journey on my way; what need I fear when you are near, O Lord of night and day? More secure am I within your hand than if a multitude did round me stand.