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St. Columba School welcomes every child of any faith background to its morally and spiritually rich environment which features exemplary academics, solid faith formation, leadership privileges, and community outreach opportunities. We have earned a fine reputation for inspiring our students to reach their potential and achieve personal success.

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Mission Statement

To serve as beacons of Christ’s light while nurturing individual gifts in a faith infused, academically challenging, safe and secure environment.

SCS Happenings
Generational Veterans at SCS
As part of the school's Veterans Day Observance we had two Veterans who were father and son. The father was Major Thomas Bedisky USAF. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War and was a navigator on a B-52 bomber. His son Staff Sergeant Jason Bedisky US Army is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Both men shared their experiences in there two wars and branches of the service as well as photos from their time in the service. Here Major Bedisky takes student questions about life on a B-52 while his son Staff Sergeant Jason listens in the background...

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Following Directions the Mr. Zeares Way
Mr. Zeares's 2nd Grade learned a valuable lesson in following directions. Mr. Zeares set the gymnasium up with numerous obstacles. The 2nd graders then paired up with one student covering their eyes and the other guided their partner through the obstacles with directions like two steps forward, one step left, and then move forward again. The objective was to make it successfully across the gymnasium without running into anything. Here Lenna Ciampi guides here partner Carter Nevius across the floor. 

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Making Pizza the Kindergarten Way
Our Kindergarten class had an exciting opportunity to get more out of a book than the story. The class read a book titled Pizza at Sally's. Here the class learned the origins of the ingredients to make pizza. Then the best part, the class took what they learned from the story and built their own pizzas. 

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Prayer of St. Columba

Be a bright flame before me, Oh God, a guiding star above me. Be a smooth path below me, a kindly shepherd behind me today, tonight and for ever. Alone with none but you, my God I journey on my way; what need I fear when you are near, O Lord of night and day? More secure am I within your hand than if a multitude did round me stand.