Frequently Asked Questions

What are your policies about fundraising?

We have a variety of fundraising activities at St. Columba, each one designed to keep our tuition costs low. We try to incorporate fundraising into your daily life through our Giant A+ School Rewards and SMART Money. Some activities offer inexpensive options for holiday gifts and others can be offered to friends and neighbors.

Does my child need to be Catholic to attend St. Columba School?

No. We have students of all faiths and backgrounds attending St. Columba Catholic School, and we respect their unique faith-based identities. We do, however, ask that they respect our religious traditions and programs. Children also participate in the Religion Class of the grade to which they are assigned.

What if we want our child to receive the sacraments in our own parish?

Many times, a child receives with his /her class at St. Columba and also at their home parish. If the parent wishes them to receive only at the home parish, Father Mowery will contact the home parish and make those arrangements.

Besides tuition, are there any other costs associated with attending St. Columba School?

We usually ask that our students come to school prepared for a rigorous academic day. That would include notebooks and writing instruments. School uniforms can be purchased before the start of the school year and can be traded for larger sizes if necessary. We ask that all students have a gym uniform that can be purchased from the school. Students in grades K through 4 pay a $250 Academic Fee.

How are children exposed to religious vocations?

St. Columba is proud of our two Sisters who teach our elementary students. Father Mowery also plays an active role in our school programs including weekly mass, sacraments, religious celebrations, and classroom visits.

What if I have other questions?

Feel free to call the school office (570-784-5932) any time between 8:00 and 2:30 during the week or send an email to our principal at: principalmhowe@saintcolumbaschool.org.

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