Parent & Volunteer Resources

Parent & Volunteer Resources

Parents now have access to their children's grades and teacher comments through a diocesan grading system. 

Camp Courage

Camp Courage is available for children and teens ages 7-18 who have experienced the death of a significant
person to help them learn how to deal with their grief. Please call the school office if you need information or if you would like to volunteer there.

St. Columba Gym Uniform Orders for 2023 - 2024

Orders for gym attire may be placed through the school office using this form or you may purchase gym uniforms from the Flynn-O'Hara Uniform Company. {CLICK HERE} for an order form and additional information.

Flu and Cold Season

Please remember children must be fever-free for 24 hours without Tylenol and able to keep a meal down before returning to school.

Student Voluntary Insurance  for 2023 - 2024

Follow the link for more information on the coverage benefits for the Student Insurance underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company of Fairmont Specialty. {CLICK HERE} for explanations of the coverages. 

Perfect Attendance

Perfect Attendance certificates are not promoted by the Diocese due to children being sent to school sick and will not be distributed.

Home and School Association

We need you for the Home and School Association (HSA). The HSA does much to enhance the school for your student. You could be a part of this. Please donate as little or as much of your time as possible to make the school year that much better for your student and the entire student body. Contact the school office by phone at 570-784-5932 or by email This is a rewarding experience that benefits all.  

Home and School Association

Positions are open. If interested, email

Volunteer Clearances

If you are interested in volunteering (we hope you will) at the school, all clearances must be completed and turned in prior to volunteering. All links are available by following this link {CLICK HERE}

Due the first day of Seventh Grade are the Childhood immunizations and vaccination requirements for attendance in PA schools. [CLICK HERE] for additional information.

St. Columba School offers supervised after-school care daily until 5:30 p.m. Rates for the 2023-2024 school year is $6.00 for the first hour per child and $6.00 for each additional hour. If you are late picking up your child(ren) additional fees are incurred. Additional information may be posted as we update the program for the new school year.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are currently in the process of preparing the 2023-2024 school budget.  Your prompt completion and return of these registration forms will expedite the planning process

For more information about registration and tuition rates please contact the school by phone at 570-784-5932, or by email at

From Our Students

"The things I like about St. Columba School are how every teacher knows me, the classes are small which gets me more one-on-one attention. This helps me learn a lot more. "

-Leyna B. grade 7

"I like St. Columba School because the people are friendly, and the teachers are amazing."

-Elise F. grade 6

"We can practice our religion by going to mass every Friday. The teachers are super friendly, and if you are having trouble, they will work with you."

-Emily M. grade 6

"Before I came to St. Columba School, my eyes were shut, but when I came here, my eyes were fully opened! Everybody is so nice, and the clubs are amazing! It's like a whole new world! The teachers are so nice, and I love the dances, how we change classes, and most importantly, the friends I have and make. This school is fair, loving, and most of all kind."

-Sonna K. grade 5 

"I like St. Columba School because of the friendly teachers and students. When Someone new comes to our school, we make them feel welcome."

-Ean B. grade 4

"I like the nice teachers and all the nice kid! I like the art, library, and gym classes. I like going on the field trips! I loke going to mass every Friday!"

-Rosalynn grade 2

"I like that it is a private Catholic school. I also like my loving teachers. I also like the lunch ladies."

-Lexy B. grade 2

"I like St. Columba School's teachers, math, God, gym, art, music, computers, reading, friends, library, Spanish, lunch, and everything."

-Audrey grade 3

"What I like about Saint Columba would probably be everything about it. The school itself is amazing. The teachers are awesome, and the classes are fun. It has been a joy to go to this school and participate with it for nine years."                                                                                                                      -Charles H. grade 8