Celebrating Students

Celebrating Students

Recognizing Achievement in Many Ways

St. Columba School takes pride in our rigorous academic programs and we recognize students who meet or exceed these standards. But beyond the Honor Roll, we also want to identify those students who excel outside our school. The natural performers in music, dance, art. The athletes, the photographers, the ones who find success with community service. Those who go the extra mile, who are creative, whose talents go in different directions. Students who perform positive acts of kindness or exhibit good citizenship or help with our church family.

Students have talents that go in different directions, so while we want them all to learn the basics of every academic area, we think we should give them room to develop their special skills.

Magic happens when students are recognized, and this page will surely be filled with excitement, accomplishments, and brilliant skills. This page is designed to showcase the success stories of our students, the strengths inside them. This page will become a place where all St. Columba School students are recognized for their unique talents and interests.


You can contribute photo(s) of your student(s) [jpg or jpeg format, at least 1MB in size] by attaching it to an email addressed to dferdock@saintcolumbaschool.org. In the body of this email, please include a short cutline/caption that identifies the student by name and grade, what this student is doing, with what group is this activity affiliated, and when this event took place. Include any other details that you deem important.