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St. Columba's Forensics team is what most people call a Speech Team.  We are part of the Forensics Consortium of  the Diocese of Harrisburg. Middle School students, grades 5-8, can join the team and present readings to an audience and judges.  The readings can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, and movie scripts.  Our team attends 3 tournaments a year with Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School and St. Joseph's in Danville.  The tournaments are typically held in October, January and March/April. Students in 7th and 8th grades also have the opportunity to participate in a Diocese-wide tournament in Harrisburg in April.

Being involved in the Forensics Team will allow your child to develop public speaking skills and confidence.  Additionally your child will be involved in a strong and supportive club and will meet students from other schools in the area. 

There is a dedicated team of parent volunteers who serve as Moderators for the group.  These Moderators will help your child select pieces for presentation and prepare your child for the tournaments.

We know that students are busy.  We encourage your child to join the club and we make it as easy as possible for your child to do Forensics and their other activities.  We hold practices after school 3-4 weeks before each tournament.


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